Tennigence AMS is the world’s most comprehensive athlete management system developed by tennis professionals for the tennis industry.  Our AMS software provides insights into an athlete’s training, tracking, athletic and tennis performance, injury risk, mental skills and wellness to help athletes perform at their peak.


Manage Your Athletes Your Way

Customized, white-labeled software for your club or academy.   Our tailored solution is setup based on the metrics you want to track and is accessible via the desktop or on mobile devices.  No software to install.  To view a demo, contact us.



In-Depth Athletic Skills Analysis 

Our athletic skills scores are based on four major areas of athletic performance.  Get a quick snapshot and find out areas of strength and weaknesses on each athlete.



Player Development Documents & Video

Document athlete goals, development plans and areas of focus for every athlete.  Upload videos or share from youtube.



Focus Areas for Tennis, Fitness and Mental Toughness

Take notes and assign areas of focus for each athlete to concentrate on.  Focus areas are displayed prominently on athlete’s home page and serves as a reminder of the areas to focus on.  Keep track of focus areas for tennis, fitness and mental skills.





Training and Tournament Calendar

Setup tennis, fitness, mental training, private lesson and other training schedules and periodize your training to peak for tournaments.




   …..  and much more!   Contact us today to request a demo.


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