Tennigence works very closely with college tennis coaches in the United States who seek high level athletes for their programs.   Tennigence provides college coaches invaluable data of an athlete’s performance and competitive history.   Tennigence also partners with select academies around the world to provide college placement and scholarship assistance to their players.

Tennis in the United States emerges more and more as a future option for those tennis players who see it might be very difficult to reach the professional world. They find in the United States the ideal outlet to be able to combine studies and sports at the highest level in an American university through a tennis scholarship.

Depending on the level you have, the universities will offer you more or less scholarship depending on your academic and sports profile. They bet on you as a tennis player to defend the colors of your university, and you have to respond as a tennis player and as a student. All this in dream facilities, owned by the best tennis clubs in the world. The teams are usually composed of several international players and have a coach, second coach, physical trainer, physiotherapist, nutritionist, etc. Everything will depend, of course, on the level of the university you go to.

In recent years, more and more tennis players are betting on this option, even those who want to make the jump to professional tennis like John Isner or the Brian brothers, among many others, since they prepare physically 100% while you get a college degree. In addition, the professional careers of tennis players each are longer, as it is normal for a 30-year-old tennis player to stand out in the ATP ranking. This is the reason why many choose to launch into the professional race after finishing their university studies and having obtained a great physical level.

Your level of tennis is very important, as depending on it you will have a greater or lesser number of coaches interested in you who can offer you tennis scholarships that help you defray the costs of your education in the United States.

In addition, the better your academic and sports level, the easier you can access universities of higher level and prestige. If the United States has something positive, it is that it accommodates all types of tennis.From those who plan to compete at the professional level, to those who are club tennis players who have never competed but have the budget to study in the USA.


  • High level players: players who have represented national teams, who have ATP or WTA rankings, and have reached the final stages of the junior ITF world rankings. They will be able to choose their ideal university and, in some cases, they will be able to make the jump to the professional world once they finish their studies. NCAA Division I is your spot.
  • Middle-level players: players who have nointernational experience, who have few national results, and have a ranking intheir country of 200-500. They will have dozens of options and will compete inDivision II or NAIA universities.
  • Low level players: there are also options for players who have less level but with passion for tennis or for those who for academic reasons have not been able to participate inChampionships or have very low ranking. The NCAA Division III universities are your site, with very good universities academically speaking.

 If you dream of getting in, you need to know the requirements to get tennis scholarships at universities in the United States:

  • You must have a UTR ranking, national or international (ITF, ATP or WTA).
  • Finish the high school studies in your country of origin, taking all the necessary courses each year.
  • Be an amateur tennis player, that is, you have not collected money or signed professional contracts.
  • Prepare thoroughly for the entrance exams to American universities: The SAT (American Selectivity) and the TOEFL (Test of English for non-English speaking students). In this case, it is important that you prepare the most possible, because the better your score, the more chances you will have for both scholarships and better universities.

Tennigence can assist athletes, parents and academies every step of the way in securing a college tennis scholarship.   Contact us today

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