Tennigence is a data driven platform that provides intelligent data and information for Players, Parents and Coaches worldwide.


Athlete Data

Complete athlete data for coaches including athletic, tennis, mental skills, and injury risk assessments





Competitive Analysis

Track competitive results, sectional, national and ITF rankings, UTR Score and score history with performance trends.




Tennigence Athletic Index

Track the Tennigence Athletic Index and score history on every athlete.  The Tennigence Athletic Index  is a composite score of over 70 athletic tests,  tracked and computed against a baseline of scores of similar aged/skilled athletes.  The score is useful in making a comparative assessment of the player’s skill level and improvements over time.



Detailed athletic performance data

Players are able to view and track their athletic, tennis and other important stats.  Detailed information on their performance in different areas are visually displayed, highlighting areas that need improvement.



College Power Rankings

Searchable college database with Tennigence College Power Rankings, current UTR scores of players on teams, admission rates, average SAT scores, etc.





Mobile Access

Access your data on the court, at a tournament or in the classroom.  Download our mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices and have access to data where ever you go!





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